I am not perfect.

I commit mistakes

And well then regret

I can not always be the best

Pass with flying colours in each and every test

I too feel unrest

Sometimes underarrest

I too give up when i have a heavy chest

Hide inside my nest

When i don’t want to fight the rest

They say you should give your best

How can a girl like you be stressed

But they don’t see how many sleepless nights i have spent, when i have anxiety crests

With arms resting on the breast

And head burried in the despair


I get hurt by the way some people have confessed

Their dislikes and opinions about me in a way unoppressed.

I also feel the need to protest

When somewhere, somebody tries to harass and molest

Me , using words like slut addressed

I am not a machine and everytime people can not get impressed

By me because i have the tendency to get depressed

Slightly more than others, maybe less than some, understand this you who calls me self obsessed

Calls me a person who is selfish and uses people to fulfil my personal quests.

But I feel this issue should not be let unaddressed

Know this that I am not competing with you all in some contest

And i am learning to accept and digest

And i need not always prove that I am the best

Because I am only human with a fault prone mindset

Hey, you calling me phsyco

I will not let your evil thoughts manifest

Nor do you need to anything suggest

You should probably go and give your rubbish mind some good-good rest

Cause there is a huge possibility of your brain being infested by bloody insects😀



I was swimming in the dark ocean
Oblivious to all human emotions
Eyes glazed with tears
But they merged in blue
No one could have a notion
What I had been going through
Seems like ages since i lifted the muscles around my lips
Went through troubled kinships
My chest grew heavy, heavier, heaviest
Rescuing myself – impossible seemed
since i was not the cleverest.
Suddenly one day
A bright light shone
Deep in the ocean i discovered two silver stones
Left me enchanted in their eternal shimmer
Never ever could they grown any dimmer
Both were equally enchanting , like hymns of the lord chanting
But one was more dear
For no reason fair
playing with bith of them filled me with delight
I glowed bright, like moon night, bright
But one- made me glow brighter
And the bond of us grew tighter
The other also i loved
But that one was more beloved
I thought i can’t live without my one
The other i loved but alright if it is gone
Suddenly I lost my precious
The one , glitter and gracious
I lost my mind once again
Heart throbbing lots of pain
And then i realised the importance
Of the other stone in ignorance
And that soon became my florence
Though i love it now, a lot, a quintal , a tonne
But what about my favourite one.
Everyone says, all you have to do is shun,shun and shun
But afterall its easier said than done .
No matter who ever comes
But its place can be taken by none.


Back when, But Now


I crave for those days
Back when i was a child
No fears
No worries
No responsibilities
Run wherever
Breathe whenever
But now  sometimes its even difficult to breathe .

Back when my terrace was my home
Soaked in sunshine
Those screams those laughs those tears
Sleeping in my mother’s lap
Giving as kiss on my parents’ cheeks before going off to sleep
But now,
Distance as vast as the ocean
Has grown that i
feel shy to even hug them.

Back when i was small
I had a million dreams
I wanted to do everything
I wanted to become many things
I wanted to live
I used to say a numerous silly things
And people would say haha!
She is just a little child
But now i am lucky that still i am alive
Despite finding it hard to survive
And now every single syllable, every single word,every single line
That spills out of my mouth has a meaning to it.
I am responsible for what i say
I cannot take back my words once i say them

Back when
I would eagerly wait for saturdays and sundays
After five long days of continous serious studying
I wanted a break
Oh that wait! For the barbie movie telecasted every saturday on POGO CHANNEL
That was like the longest wait of my life
But now
Everyday is quiet the same
Same monotonous routine
Doesnt matter what day of the week it is.

Back then i had a best friend.
We would laugh together
We would smile together.
We used to possess each other!
We belonged to each other
No one could take us away from each other
But now
She is a complete known stranger!
We meet ,she turns her eyes around.
Sees me only to ignore
But i have learned to live with it.

Back when i was scared of the dark
Got nightmares after watching Jurassic Park
I still remember that night when i refused to sleep alone in my room
Scared of entering into a dark room
But now I am not afraid.
Neither of dark rooms and ghosts
Nor of challenges that life has been throwing on me in abundance lately.

Back then there were so many friends
So many! Oh god so many!
It hurt when someone left
Attachment was my weakness
And people leaving was my biggest fear
But now although my fear and weakness has not changed
But my perspective and the way to deal with it has changed for sure.

Back when i was small
I was perfect.
I thought i was perfect
That i had no flaws.
Life was butterflies.
But now i have realised that i am flawed
Very much flawed
And that everyone is flawed.
No one is perfect.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Everyone is a human after all.
I have identified my flaws
And i try my best to mend my bad ways.
And i am proud of it.

I  am proud
That i have said sorry to those people whom i have hurt
And they have forgiven me
Not all but some
I am glad that people realised their mistakes too and apologised for doing hurtful things to me.

I am proud that from the girl that used to play barbie dress up games on that windows XP computer
And made weirdest of dance steps on the  creepiest of bollywood songs
I am turning into a woman.
A strong woman.
An aspiring woman.
This journey has been beautiful so far.
It has had its ups and downs.

I am proud of myself 🙂
And everyone should be.
After all you are all precious.



You called me
Because it was my birthday
I was excited like hell yeah
Gave me a box
Stones and glitter
Told to open it when the party is over

Dancing and laughing
Twirling and falling
Standing and drunk
Falling again

Feels like paradise
Being around you all the time
Watching you watching me silently
Sensed a little uneasy
But thought i should take it easy

People leave one by one
Everything has been said and done
Go into the room
Open the box removed the silver lace
Looked myself in the mirror
Saw black ink all over my face.

Screamed in terror
Cant seem to find error
Who is this in the mirror
Its not me

Now i find my pleasure
In loneliness treasure
But still scared to see
The face turn to me and say
I will leave you never.

you called me
Because it was my birthday
I was excited like hell yeah
Gave me a box
Stones amd glitter
Told to open it when the party is over
I call it my best birthday ever.

– kashish



Do you know what’s under my burkha?

Trembling lips

Shivering nose

A strong tendency to spill the words

That have been since ages kept under hold.

I want to spread my voice

My thoughts, wishes and desires

To the world , to the human beings

But this burqa only gives me captivity

Look down , cover your face

Its important for the woman race

You should have a slow pace

Do everything with grace

Dont let the emotions show on your face

Dress up and get yourself covered in lace

You have to keep other engaged

With your beautiful delicate face


BUT only under the burqa’s trace.

– KM

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE (modern version)


And we all play our parts

From an infant to an oldman

From possessing an energy so vivacious

to becoming a lonely loon

Time goes by ,unknown so soon.

We open our eyes to enter this stage

All our needs are taken care of.

Smiles and laughs and giggles and tears

Is all that a teethless chubby plays.

Entering teenage seems so exciting

Full of delight and and things so enticing

And then there are heartbreaks and felonies

After which we realise

Life has far deeper meaning than finding people to socialise

The one who gets this would for sure suffice 🙂

Then comes the youth

Full of vigour and strength

determined to achieve the set goals and ambitions

Even if that means being sweat drenched

Here comes the ups

Everyone gears

Here comes the lows

Who are you my dear?

Seems as if time tries to leave behind the light!

Skies turn grey , lights transform to dim from bright.

Lying alone with head resting on the knees

Remembering the sweet old company

Tired and hopless of struggling for respect and love

Oh lord! Send me my invitation for heaven.

I can’t live for even more days seven

The purpose of my life has been completed

Thou shall allow me to be heaven seated.

And then you are gone

And the curtains fall down

Hated by some

And praised by some.

But you know by your own

At least you played your part in the way most handsome.


My version of All the world is a stage.




At some point in our lives, we all feel that we are not good enough. We start comparing ourselves to others.

Ignoring our own abilities we look for for the abilities that others have got, in ourselves.

That’s what ruins everything. Thats the beginning of a great destruction process.- THE DESTRUCTION OF PEACE OF MIND.

Gradually it leads to sleepless nights ,loss of mental peace, depression and self image issues.



Our mind simply cant thing of anything else apart from this.

Thats when we tend to seek validation from other people in every way possible.

And if you still don’t get the appreciation from people , you sink deeper and deeper into the deadly valley of doom and depression.

Its hard to bring back a person from depression to normalcy.

Why put so much pressure on yourself? You are a young flower bud that is yet to bloom.And we all know hiding yourself in the darkness, cutting yourself from the world isnt the solution.

You require sunshine and exposure in order to grow into a beautiful flower which will be admired by everyone for sure.

Believe in yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. That’s the root cause of this viscious cycle and this marshy situation. Keep going ahead no matter what shit people spit out of their stinky mouths on you. You will surely shine bright like diamond one day only to blind your haters.❤

And one last thing – If anyone is going through anything hard in their lives, trust me i am there for you.

Stay strong.